3 Benefits of Hearing Loss Treatment

April 20, 2022

If you have impaired hearing, you may be considering speaking to a professional. We’re exploring 3 benefits of hearing loss treatment.

Estimates show that almost 15% of adults in the U.S. over 18 years report some degree of hearing difficulties. Hearing loss can have a big impact on your quality of life. For many people, seeking treatment for their hearing loss can have a truly life-changing impact.

One benefit that we are all probably aware of is improved hearing. In turn, this can make communication easier for everyone involved. But communication is not the only benefit of treatment.

3 Benefits of Hearing Loss Treatment

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, you may be hesitant to seek professional help. Accepting that our hearing has changed can be difficult. Many of us also believe that hearing loss is just a natural part of getting older.

Firstly – let’s just say that you do not have to accept hearing loss as inevitable.

Next, we’d like to explore how treatment can really improve your quality of life overall. We’re taking a look at 3 benefits of hearing loss treatment.

1.) Prevent Mental Decline

Researchers are increasingly exploring the links between people with hearing loss and mental decline. One study, carried out by researchers at Johns Hopkins, found that people with hearing loss were 24% more likely to go on to develop Alzheimers.

Further research into the links between hearing loss and mental decline is needed. However, the initial results are promising. Treating your hearing loss can help reduce your risks of mental decline.

2.) Monitor your Overall Health

Your ears are a delicate and sophisticated system. To work properly, they rely on the various parts of your ear working together. When one part of our auditory system is damaged, it can result in hearing loss.

Changes in your hearing may actually indicate an underlying health condition. Health conditions that can affect your hearing include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Meniere’s disease

In some cases, changes to your hearing may be one of the first symptoms of the underlying health condition. It’s a great reason to stay on top of your hearing healthcare!

3.) Improve Relationships 

Hearing loss can make communication challenging. Often, this can lead to multiple people feeling frustrated. If you have a hearing loss, you may get frustrated having to ask people to repeat themselves often. For others, they may feel that you’re not paying attention (when in fact, you haven’t heard what they’ve said!).

Untreated hearing loss can have quite a big impact on relationships with friends and family around us. Left untreated, this can actually cause further problems. Untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation and / or depression.

Life really is worth hearing, and relationships are worth treasuring. Treating your hearing loss can reinvigorate relationships. If you’d like further tips on how you can prevent hearing loss click here.

Let Our Audiology Professionals Help You!

Accepting hearing loss can be difficult. It’s important to understand that the benefits of treatment extend beyond communication! If you’d like to book in a hearing assessment, please get in touch with the hearing specialists at Audiology Professionals. Our team would be happy to help explore relief options for you. Call us today on (541) 228-9233. Alternatively, click here to contact us online.

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