Best Smartphone Apps for Hearing Impaired

January 20, 2022

If you are a smartphone user with a hearing loss, you’ll want to check out our list of the best smartphone apps for the hearing impaired.

There are approximately 35 million hearing impaired Americans and an estimated 77% of the total population own a smartphone. Looking at these statistics led us on a search for the best smartphone apps for those with a hearing impairment. Life with a hearing loss can be tricky, and these apps are designed as resources to make daily life easier. Many can even be used in conjunction with hearing aids.

Here are our picks for the best smartphone apps for the hearing impaired:

Google Live Transcribe – This ingenious app uses your phone’s microphone speaker to pick up speech, which it converts into a transcript to read. It can recognize 70+ languages and manage a conversation including 2 different languages at the same time. It’s improving over time as it’s used by more people and adapting and learning new words.

Hearing Helper – An Apple only product, this app is similar to Google transcribe. Upon holding down the button, everything that is heard is transcribed. This app is particularly useful if English isn’t your first language.

Skype – is well known as a video calling app, but for the hearing impaired this opens up the possibility to use sign language or lip-reading when communicating over the phone. You can also use the type function, so a message can be read if there is a need for clarification.

Interpreter Now – Similar to Skype, this is a video relay interpreter app. Interpreter now offers a third party connection who can make calls to hearing people on your behalf. Effectively taking the stress and worry out of phone calls.

NGTS – With this app, a 3 way phone call is set up between a hearing person, a third party relay assistant, and a person with a hearing loss. Messages are transcribed by the third party to keep the conversation flowing. This makes it possible for somebody who finds talking on the phone difficult to communicate more easily.

ASL Dictionary – Available on iTunes or Google Play Store. It’s not free, but it is very useful for everyone who is hearing impaired or not to learn up to 5,200 signs. It gives everyone the opportunity to expand their communication skills.

SoundHound – This app is ideal for the hearing impaired music lover! It can detect the lyrics within the music and transcribe them for you as the music is playing. This can be useful at concerts or when listening at your own leisure.

This is just a sampling of the apps available for the hearing impaired. Others that you may find useful include mobile banking apps to make managing your finances less of a headache, travel apps to give you update alerts for departures, satellite navigation to help you avoid traffic and delays.

A variety of entertainment options are available at your fingertips, and there are even apps to help you learn a new sign language from across the sea.

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Overall, technology has opened up a wealth of experiences and can give you the confidence to step out and try new things. If you are interested in exploring an upgraded hearing aid device with new connectivity and functionality, give the Audiology Professionals team a call at (541) 228-9233. Alternatively, click here to contact us online.


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