But hearing aids will make me look old…

December 16, 2019

There are myriad reasons why folks with hearing loss do not move forward with hearing aids, or avoid getting a hearing evaluation in the first place.  These reasons are as different and individual as the people who hold them.  Our goal here at Audiology Professionals is to alleviate these concerns in as individualized a way as possible.


The number one reason folks avoid hearing aids is mainly due to vanity. The perception that you’ll “look old” if you wear hearing aids; that they’re these big, beige, squealing things that are ugly and don’t work and remind you of your grandparents.  While some manufacturers do carry those big, beige, squealing things, most reputable manufacturers these days produce hearing aid models that are nearly invisible.


You are no longer required to wear a big custom earmold – now most wearers can get by with a little umbrella-shaped earpiece called a “dome.”  As technology has improved, it has also miniaturized, and hearing aids have shrunk along with it.  If you were to go to a hearing healthcare provider now and ask to demonstrate some hearing aids, there is a good chance you’ll be fit with something small, comfortable, and out-of-sight.


With an earpiece as small as a dome, the connecting wire or tube is equally small and blends into most skin tones much better than the old, thicker tubing.  Hearing aids also come in many different colors so you can blend the color of the device with your skin tone, your hair color, or even have them be brightly colored if that’s what you prefer!


Hearing aids have changed immensely over the past few decades.  Not only has the technology grown exponentially, but the capabilities of hearing aids to become far subtler in appearance has also grown.  Give us a call at (541) 228-9233 and we will set you up with a free consultation appointment with one of our doctors and they can show you the small, attractive, comfortable hearing aids that are available today.


Fun Random Fact: A “moment” is 90 seconds.  A “jiffy” is 1/100 of a second.  A “New York minute” is the interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn.


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