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Health and Hearing Loss

10 things you should know about hearing loss & your health

Hearing basics

How do we hear?

How exactly does the ear function?

What’s that thing you’re sticking in my ear?

Hearing instruments

What kind of hearing device is right for you?

Hearing aids are more than worth the cost

Brief history of the hearing aid

Hearing loss

Are you afraid of hearing loss?

National Men’s Health Week

Types of hearing loss

Ten ways to recognize hearing loss

Firearms and hearing loss: making the connection

Unexpected causes of hearing loss

Headphone damage

What causes hearing loss


Don’t think you’re hurting your ears when listening to music? Think again!


Preventing hearing loss is easier than you think

Five simple steps for better hearing (10/19/12)

When to wear ear plugs


What is tinnitus?

Five ways to prevent and treat tinnitus

Simplest treatment involves earwax removal

How is tinnitus treated?

Epilepsy drug may help reduce tinnitus


Audiology Professionals

Audiology Professionals