Headphone damage

When the iPod first came on to the market, it was an instant hit. Now, they are extremely common and can be found in most homes in the U.S. Unfortunately, hearing damage caused by using headphones like these to listen to loud music is also becoming very common. Research shows that portable music players and other items including cell phone headsets that attach directly to the ears makes hearing damage worse. Researchers have found a disturbing growth rate in the number of noise-induced hearing loss in recent years. Noise-induced hearing loss means that a person’s ability to hear high frequencies and hearing in noisy situations is lost.

The difficult part about hearing loss caused by these devices is that it is hard to detect in a timely manner. Signs of damage can take years to occur. Young people (ages 18-24) are much more likely to listen to their headphones at damaging volumes. This is why knowing the potential damage of headphones is so important early on.

As these devices become more and more common in our society, it is important to understand the consequences that can come from using them. To prevent damage to your hearing, limit headphone use and listen at lower volumes when you do.

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Audiology Professionals

Audiology Professionals