How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

May 31, 2022

If you’re looking at purchasing a new hearing aid, you may wonder how long do hearing aids last?

A hearing aid is a life-changing investment. If you’ve had a hearing loss, investing in a hearing aid can open up a world of sound. For many people, it’s only once your hearing aid begins to have issues that you realize how much you have come to rely on the device.

Like most things we own, regular maintenance is key. If you’re preparing to make this initial investment, you may be wondering ‘how long do hearing aids last?’ In this blog, we answer this question.

Hearing Aids & Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of a hearing aid is going to vary depending on the device. However, in general terms, the average hearing aid user will usually replace their hearing aid device(s) every 3.6 years. However, this isn’t a concrete rule. We recommend getting annual hearing assessments to stay on top of your baseline hearing. Not only this, but it gives your hearing care professional the opportunity to ensure that the hearing aid you’re using is still the most appropriate for you.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that technology adapts quickly, and changes are constant. This also affects the hearing aid market! There may be more up-to-date models that are better suited to your hearing loss, or more compatible with your lifestyle. It’s never a bad idea to keep the chain of communication with your hearing care professional open.

What Can Affect My Hearing Aid’s Lifespan?

3.6 years is only an average, which means that some people may have hearing aids that last a lot longer! As we mentioned before, regular care and maintenance is important, but here are other things that can affect the lifespan of your hearing aid:


  • How much you use your hearing aid: With some devices, the more you use them, the faster they will decline. Although, there are some models that are designed to be used for long periods of time. To put it another way, the more frequently you’re turning your device on and off, the sooner you may need to buy a replacement.
  • Complexity of your hearing aid: The more complex your hearing aid is, the more things that could potentially go wrong. More components simply provide more opportunities for something to break or go wrong. Many modern hearing aids are trying to overcome this challenge by providing more functionality with software, rather than hardware.
  • Quality of the build: We know hearing aids can be a pricey investment. But just like with any purchase, you’re going to get what you pay for. Hearing aids with a higher build quality are more likely to last longer.

How Can You Make Your Hearing Aid Last Longer?

Because hearing aids are such a valuable investment, you’re going to want to make them last as long as possible. The surest way to protect your investment is proper care and maintenance, but other things you can do include:

  • Try to keep your hearing aids dry and avoid exposure to water
  • Clean your hearing aids on a daily basis
  • Keep your hearing aids away from children or pets
  • Store your hearing aids in a dry and safe place

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