How to Communicate Better with Hearing Loss

May 10, 2022

Whether you yourself have hearing loss or you know someone with hearing loss, these tips will help you learn how to communicate better.

When you have hearing loss, you may not realize it, but your communication with others can suffer. Communicating with others is rather important, and you never want it to be negatively impacted because of hearing loss.

How To Communicate Better with Hearing Loss

Whether you yourself have hearing loss or you are trying to communicate with someone else with hearing loss, these tips will help you learn how to communicate better.

  1. Face the Person You Are Speaking To:. Facing each other while talking helps communication in several ways. Not only can you see each other’s mouths, you can also interpret cues and signals to help understand speech and meaning. In addition, it helps you focus on what is being said.
  2. Be Aware of Body Language:. If you’re noticing a confused look or hesitation, chances are your listener may not have understood what you’re saying. Pay attention to clues or behaviors that may indicate any confusion or difficulty understanding, and follow-up with concise clarity.
  3. Set the Right Environment: You should set yourself up for successful communication by using a quiet, well lit space to hold your conversations. Reduce background sounds or choose an area the furthest away from them. You may not realize how much a fan, air conditioner, or heater can interfere with hearing.
  4. Wait Until Your Meal is finished:  If you are conversing while eating, wait until your meal is done before having a serious conversation. Even if you aren’t eating, keep your mouth unobstructed: don’t chew gum or keep your hand in front of your mouth.
  5. Speak Slowly and Clearly: This can be easier said than done, especially if communication becomes frustrating. Never yell, that isn’t efficient communication for anyone. It’s also important not to exaggerate your words or speak too slowly, this can frustrate the person who is having trouble hearing. If your listener hasn’t understood your message, try to find another way to phrase what you’re saying instead.
  6. Put Your Best Ear Forward:. If you know that you can hear better in one ear over the other, position yourself with your best ear towards the person you are talking with.
  7. Keep Conversations Small: When more than one person is trying to talk, it can be a strain for someone who has hearing loss to hear anything. Make sure only one person is speaking at a time.
  8. Repeat and Rephrase:. If you need to communicate important, specific details, such as times, address, or a phone number, confirm the specifics. Perhaps repeat it, or write it down. If someone is having difficulty hearing a particular word, it could be hearing loss affecting certain voices or tones. Rephrase or change the words to help the communication flow.

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