How Treating Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Marriage

August 19, 2022

Hearing loss can put a strain on a marriage, but it doesn’t have to. Find out how hearing aids can improve your marriage on our blog today.

It is estimated by the Hearing Loss Association of America that approximately 20% of Americans report some degree of hearing loss. For those in a relationship who also have a hearing loss, it can really put a strain on things. Below, we’ll cover how hearing aids can improve your marriage.

When hearing loss is treated, the impact can be profound. A Hear-The-World foundation survey of over 4,000 participants showed that 81% reported being happy their partner had gotten help with their hearing loss, and 70% reported hearing aids as having a direct and positive impact on their marriages.

Statistics on Hearing Loss and Marriages

The numbers don’t lie. In the USA, fewer than 16% of the over 20 million Americans who can benefit from hearing aids don’t use them. A study from ASHA Leader highlighted that 35% of participants with hearing loss said that out of all their marriages, the one with their significant other suffered the most. A British study further demonstrated to what extent hearing loss can impact relationships:

  • 69% said their hearing loss seriously hinders their ability to take part in everyday conversations with friends and family.
  • 34% lost touch with friends, and in some cases, had seen marriages fall apart due to communications breaking down because of hearing loss.
  • 44% said that relationships with their partner, friends, or family suffered because they can’t hear properly.

How Treating Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Marriage

Treating a hearing loss can improve your quality of life. For many, using hearing aids can have a significant impact. Using hearing aids can lead to:

  1. Improved communication: Communication is the foundation of any successful marriage. Discussing ideas, emotions, desires and future plans fosters and sustains the bond between two people. Hearing loss can make this communication more difficult.
  2. Increased independence: A marriage is about two people supporting each other, but it’s also important to retain a sense of independence. If hearing loss is causing one partner to increasingly rely on the other, it can strip away at a person’s independence. Treating the hearing loss can restore confidence in social or noisy situations, and encourage increased independence.
  3. Fewer arguments: Ask any couple, and they’ll tell you it’s often the smallest things that can erupt into an argument. What volume to have the TV at may not seem like a big deal, but small disagreements like this can have a long-lasting effect on a marriage. These arguments are more likely to arise in a situation of untreated hearing loss.
  4. More shared activities: If you or your partner has a hearing loss, you may find you don’t enjoy shared activities as much anymore. Catching up on a favorite TV show, grabbing a quick coffee, heading out for a date night can all present challenges for someone with hearing loss. The hearing aids of today are well-equipped to deal with our busy lives, enabling couples to enjoy more shared activities together again.
  5. Increased intimacy: The benefits of improved communication and connection between a couple is increased intimacy. By seeking out treatment for hearing loss, those whispered sweet nothings won’t be missed again.

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