Intro – Wellness Program and the Importance of a Baseline Hearing Test

July 20, 2017

Welcome to our first blog post! We are thrilled you’ve taken the time to check out what we have been up to and learn some interesting or useful things in the process.

This first post is an introduction to something we hold near and dear to our hearts: our Wellness Program. We started this program back in June of 2014 with the goal of screening 10,000 ears within 5 years, or simply 1,000 screening each year.

A baseline hearing screening is a very important piece of documentation to have. Just like getting an annual physical or having your eyes tested regularly, you should also have an annual baseline hearing screening, if not a full evaluation. The difference between an evaluation and a screening is fairly simple: an evaluation is a comprehensive test that involves several different parts of the hearing system while a screening is a basic pass/refer test.

Screenings are often performed in elementary schools these days, but life happens and quite a few things change over the course of growing up and with a baseline you are able to tell if something has changed down the line due to illness, trauma, or even just aging.

These days, more and more audiology clinics are offering screenings for a discounted price or free of charge. We are one of those “free of charge” clinics because we believe in making hearing healthcare as accessible as possible. Whether you are 18 or 108, we are happy to schedule a time for you to come in and meet our two Doctors of Audiology, Donna Hill and Craig Ford. When you call to schedule, please let us know that you heard about these screenings from our blog. You can easily reach us at (541) 228-9233, or, if email is better, just send your appointment request to and one of our lovely Patient Care Coordinators will be in touch to get you scheduled.

We believe that everyone deserves to be connected to friends and family. We’ve found it’s that connection that is the key to a fulfilled and happy life.


Fun Hearing Fact:

Did you know that baby birds are able to hear each other before they hatch? That’s why, even if a clutch of eggs is laid over the course of several days, they all seem to hatch on the same day. This is because once the first chick has broken through its shell, it lets out a special peep that signals its siblings to get a move on so no one is left behind.

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