What Nutrients Promote Healthy Hearing?

February 15, 2022

The foods that you eat can help protect your hearing health. Today we’re taking a closer look at what nutrients promote healthy hearing.

Karen Salmansohn summed it up. “Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients. Imagine your cells smiling back at you and saying: “Thank you!”

We all know the importance of healthy eating. From our waistline to our heart, a diet rich in healthy food keeps us in our best shape possible.

Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals can have great benefits for your physical health. Calcium keeps our teeth and bones strong. Vitamin C is important for our immune system.

But have you ever considered how the foods that you eat can help protect your hearing health? Today, we’re taking a closer look at what nutrients promote healthy hearing

What Nutrients Promote Healthy Hearing?

Boost your hearing with these nutrients that promote healthy hearing.

Zinc – Zinc is a nutrient found in cashews, dried cranberries, beef and dark chocolate. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, zinc deficiency is one cause of age-related hearing loss.

Magnesium – To benefit from this hearing health powerhouse, you’ll need to fill your plate with legumes, spinach, seafood and avocado. Researchers at the University of Michigan Kresge Hearing Research Institute have found that people treated with magnesium were protected from noise induced hearing loss.

Potassium – Bananas, pineapple, potatoes, broccoli and artichokes are all great sources of potassium. Potassium plays a role in regulating the volume of fluid in your blood and body tissue. Given the fluid inside your inner ear, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough potassium. Your inner ear plays a significant role in your hearing health, so make sure you’re getting enough potassium.

Omega 3 and Vitamin D – Found in salmon, sardines and flaxseed oil. These nutrients are known to help brain function. A study indicated that just by eating two servings of fish each week, you can reduce your risk of age-related hearing loss by 42%! It could also reduce the risk of chronic tinnitus.

Antioxidants and Folic Acid – Found in beans, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, liver and nuts. These could reduce the amount of harmful free radicals in your body, which have the potential to damage the delicate tissues of your auditory system.

Vitamins C and E – Found in broccoli, citrus fruits, avocado and meats. Both vitamins are excellent for your overall health, and can help reduce the risk of infections.

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You can help protect your hearing health by filling your plate with a rainbow of colorful food. While eating well is important, it’s also important to stay on top of your annual hearing assessments. These will ensure that any changes to your hearing are detected early on.

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